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1.  Cushions:  -  How do I create my own pattern?

Do not use newspaper or thin paper.   Butcher paper is best.    Trace the area and cut out the pattern paying attention to corners.   Then place the pattern back on the furniture to be sure it is accurate.  If doing a seat and back cushion, make sure you allow the correct height for the seat cushion when determing the height for the back cushion.

Write directly on the pattern, the following: Wicker Country, your name, your address, & fabric #.  If room, it is helpful to write the style cushion (4" polyester filled, 4" solid foam, 6" solid foam) & any additional items you want (zippers, piping, ties, etc.).   If not, no worry, we will make sure the seamstress has the details.     Please be very careful as we will make the cushions specifically to your cutout and cannot accept returns on custom orders.    Your pattern will be going to a warehouse, so please call us for the address when you are ready.   Your pattern will be returned if requested at time of order.

2.  Cushions:  -  Can you  use my old cushion as a pattern?

Yes, old casings work very well.   To save you some of the shipping costs, please remove the stuffing unless it is solid foam and you intend to reuse it in the new cushion.  Call us, and we will give your further instructions on where to mail your cushion.   Please remember, cushions are custom ordered and cannot be refunded so don't hesitate to call us if you have any questions.

3.  Cushions:  -  What is the difference between tufted polyester & solid foam cushions other than the look?

Besides the materials used (100% pure spun polyester  vs.  4-6" dacron wrapped solid foam), tufted cushions are better suited for woven seats and are not comfortable with suspension seating.   When you have suspension seating, you will need the support that the solid foam cushion provides.

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