Wicker is actually a “woven process” and not the wood itself.  Wicker furniture can be made from several different types of natural wood or can be made from man-made products. 


Our indoor wicker (home furniture) is made from natural solid rattan poles that grow along  the floor of the forests.  Some of our collections are then woven with rattan threads to resemble the wicker look most people are familiar with.


Our outdoor wicker (patio furniture) is made from either aluminum or steel frames and is resin coated man-made wicker.  Resin coated products are manufactured to withstand outdoor climates and moisture and are UV resistant.   The difference between an aluminum frame and steel frame is one (alum) provides rust protection and is lightweight while the other (steel) is ideal for situations that require heavier furniture.    We do not recommend steel frames for coastal environments because they are not rust proof. 




Rattan is a sturdy vine that grows to great lengths across the bottom of the jungle floor.  Rattan is actually stronger than steel and rattan poles are used to create the frames of our indoor wicker (home furniture).  Smaller strands of rattan are used as the weave in indoor furniture to create the wicker appeal.


 All of our indoor furniture frames are made from solid rattan poles, not hollow, which makes our furniture extremely sturdy and durable.   Rattan should not be used in moisture environments and is therefore only recommended for indoor use.  Some people use our indoor furniture on their sunrooms or enclosed patios if moisture is not an issue in their environment.  



  All Natural Wicker

This is the term we use to describe our indoor wicker (home furniture).   It is “natural” and not man-made.  Our “all natural” wicker frames are made with solid rattan poles.  Our outdoor furniture products can be used indoors as well, but we separate our lines by “all natural” and “all weather” wicker for your convenience.  Please see the product description to determine which frame you are purchasing.  Natural wicker is more susceptible to the elements, especially moisture, so we recommend it for indoor purposes only.


“All natural” wicker comes with a colored finish but can be painted to match any decor.  If you choose to take on the task of painting your all natural wicker, we recommend using a primer.



  All Weather Wicker

Please don’t confuse “all weather” with “all natural” wicker.  If your furniture will be outdoors, you definitely want to purchase “all weather” wicker with a resin coating.    Our outdoor wicker (patio furniture) is “all weather” wicker with baked in resin.


Even outdoor furniture needs some protection from severe elements.  We recommend adding covers or placing your furniture under a roof during extreme cold, snow, and moist conditions.   This is a great precaution during the harsh winter months and especially if you live in a region that has low temperatures and moisture.


  Resin Coating

Resin Coating refers to the sturdy, weather and UV resistant coating used on our outdoor furniture (patio furniture).  This coating is considered rust proof when used with our aluminum frames.  The UV protection helps keep the sun’s rays from fading the colors.  And, because our colors are “baked-in” and not surface painted, the color runs completely through our resin products.   The benefits of baked in color are no paint chipping and color remains visible should your furniture take a nick along the way.


  Quick Ship Fabric

Occasionally, we have a few popular fabrics we purchase in bulk and offer them at a reduced price.  We call these our "Quick Ship" fabrics and the cushions made from this fabric is similar to our standard tufted cushions except you may find more button holes with the Quick Ship fabrics.  The prices for a set of three cushions (loveseat & 2 chairs)  are for one fabric choice only.  


·          Bring all weather furniture indoors in the winter or cover the entire piece of furniture VERY good.   Cold temperatures don't harm the furniture, but ice might. 


·          If purchasing furniture for the beach, only purchase all weather, resin coated, aluminum frame furniture.   Steel frames are not suitable for the beach as they can rust from the salt air. 


·          If furniture will not be in a very moist climate (i.e. beach), any of our selections are appropriate indoors. 


·         Outdoor furniture is recommended for outdoor use but can also be used indoors.

      Indoor furniture is never recommended for outdoor use.

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